CSS techniques I use all the time | The Montoya Herald   4 November 07


Frameworks + CSS Reset: Design From Scratch   4 November 07

Smashing Magazine’s overview of CSS reset technique, frameworks: Link

VectorMagic   4 November 07

Looks to be a effective online way to turn bitmaps into vectors (autotracing): Link

“Microsoft takes email design back 5 years”  10 June 07

Outlook 2007 uses Word rather than IE to render HTML email: Campaign Monitor Blog

Apple Holiday Catalog, 1983   8 January 07

Link: Gizmodo

New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual (1970)   8 January 07

Link: Flickr

Personal Injury Warning System  14 November 06

13pt | Personal Injury Warning System

GUIdebook  11 January 06

GUIdebook is a comprehensive GUI reference resource, including a massive table of icons from various systems

Type Workshop  25 April 05

Illustrated notes on type design and references from typeworkshop

Molto FM logo  25 April 05

Molto FM: Online radio station logo using only typographic symbols, thus can be constructed using any font in any application, from Fabrizio Schiavi Design