Box2DJS - Physics Engine for JavaScript  26 November 08

Demos of 2D Flash physics engine ported to Javascript: Link

The Offices of Kat Ran Press : Postage Stamps by Type Designers  12 November 08


The portfolio of Bryan Katzel  28 October 08

Lovely scrolling background using transparency masks on this one page site: Link

World clock, 2008 edition  25 August 08

Almost exactly five years ago, I put together a world clock: original article.

I’ve toyed with this every so often since then, but the method I used to calculate local times was very crude, effectively switching the server’s location setting to each city in turn; this worked fine on my own local server but wasn’t suitable for shared webhosting.

I’ve now rewritten the clock from scratch in Perl, using the DateTime modules by Dave Rolsky and others, so it automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes. It’s robust enough to go live, but is still only a proof of concept – there’s no way to add cities (the set shown are based on colleagues’ working locations and home cities).

Click here for the world clock

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Position is everything  18 June 08

Definitive info on CSS browser bugs and workarounds: Link

Saffron anti-aliasing engine  11 June 08

Includes stroke font handling: Link

Travel time tube map   8 January 08

Map based on travel time from any station: Link

Steering behaviors for autonomous characters   7 January 08

Nice Java applet demos and links to other resources: Link

Forgotten Bass   7 January 08

Saul Bass commercials: Link

Public Domain space exploration paintings   4 November 07

Public Domain paintings by Don Davis: 70s space exploration and space colonies of the future.